Every Chic Jewelry Style Our Editors Are Wearing With Their Fall Wardrobes

Between the countdown to NYFW and the nonst on buzz around the office about the next big boat sty le , it 's clear That fall fashion is top of mind. We're Practically begging for the leaves to change and the temperature to drop below 65 degrees so we have an excuse to break out our col d w eather apparel and accessories. But with everyone equally excited about the same fall trends, how will we differentiate our looks from the rest of the fashion pack? The answer is in the sparkly and shiny details. That's right - our editors all agree that jewelry can make a big statement for fall and even be that finishing touch every look needs. Here are the six styles are gravitating towar d.

My favorite fall jewelry trend is:  Ring stacks! I'm always looking for ways to make my outfits stand out from the crow d, a unique accessory trend like a stack of mismatched rings is one of my favorite ways to do that. It immediately adds some personality to whatever I'm wearing.

The key to pulling it off is:  Focus on one type of jewelry (rings are my go-to these days ), combine styles you wouldn't normally think to wear together: mixed metals, dainty  versus  chunky styles, and solid metals  versus  gemstones .

I'd most likely wear this with:  The utility jumpsuit I bought at my favorite vintage store last year and a pair of slingback kitten heels.

The most special piece of jewelry I've bought is:  A pair of sculptural rings (one in silver and one in gold) that I bought from an indie jewelry designer I found on Instagr am.  They're such a unique shape , and they always earn me compliments.

I'll know it's fall when: I  cease to remember the last time I got any shoes other than ankle boots. 


My favorite fall jewelry trend is:  Symbols! I love all jewelery , but I say 90% of my collection consists of pieces with meaning, like rings with my mom's initials or  my birthstone. So you can  imagine my  excitement about the fact that sentimental symbols  are  a major trend right now - I like to think I'm always ahead of the curve.

The key to pulling it off is:  Do not ove rd o it! Pick two or three sentimental pieces to mix in with your other jewelry. Being able to hone in sentiments that are most important to you will keep things authentic and not random.

I'd most likely wear this with: My go-to high-waisted jeans, a simple tank, a vintage blazer, my favorite structured bag, and a killer pair of booties.

The most special piece of jewelry I’ve received is: My grandmother's

engagement ring! While it's not totally my style, it's beautiful and has so much sentimental value to it. Plus, before my husband proposed, it was stolen and then amazingly found and returned to him, so I'm convinced it has magical powers.

I'll know it's fall when: Pumpkin spice lattes are available at Starbucks.


My favorite fall jewelry trend is: Chunky jewelry! This season, we'll see a fresh take on classic pieces. Think fashion insiders wearing bracelets over sleeves, and link necklaces layered on top of turtlenecks. 

The key to pulling it off is: It's all about the proportions. Look for pieces that sit over a top or sweater without fitting too snugly.

I'd most likely wear this with: A turtleneck, tailored trousers, sleek boots, and the faux-fur coat I've been eyeing for months.

The most special piece of jewelry I’ve received is: An ID bracelet monogrammed with my name that my grandma gave me for my 10th birthday. I still wear it to this day.

I'll know it's fall when: I finally swap out my strappy heels for knee-high boots.


My favorite fall jewelry trend is: Layering necklaces! I’ve always been a big fan—it’s the perfect way to level up any look. 

The key to pulling it off is: Mixing and matching lengths and chain thicknesses. I like to combine two daintier necklaces with two thicker styles that stand out more. (P.S.: A jewelry designer once told me this prevents your necklaces from tangling, and it's worked for me so far!) I also love to mix metals depending on my outfit.

I'd most likely wear this with: I love the way layered necklaces look over a simple crew-neck tee, so I'd probably wear it with a black or white one, and a silk slip skirt (aka my fall uniform). I'd also layer necklaces with all my summery floral dresses, which you can bet I'll be wearing into fall with a turtleneck underneath.

The most special piece of jewelry I’ve received is: I have a lot of pieces my mom gave me that I wear daily. They're a reminder of my special relationship with her and that we share a love of jewelry.

I'll know it's fall when: My favorite holiday-flavored drinks are back (even though I get over them after one order!).


My favorite fall jewelry trend is: Colorful jewelry. I’m a serial black/white/beige shopper, and my wardrobe is filled with these non-colors (that I consider color, thank you very much!). So this season, I’m really looking forward to stepping outside of my very beige world by adding some color to my look via my jewelry.

The key to pulling it off is: Making it the focal point of your look! Style a bright gemstone cuff over your sleeve, or stack on a few rings—either way, the jewelry will pop against anything muted.

I’d most likely wear this with: You guessed it: a white or black long-sleeve turtleneck tucked into high-waisted jeans with a pair of square-toe strappy sandals. (Yes, I'm trying to channel my inner RHW.)

The most special piece of jewelry I’ve received is: There are those who say dogs are a man's best friend, but for me, diamonds take the cake. My husband surprised me with a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet after we had our daughter, Sophie, and it’s something I want to pass down to her when she’s old enough to tell me diamonds are her best friend, too.

I ' ll know it's fall when:  I feel the nip in the air and run (not walk) to slip on a chunky sweater.


My favorite fall jewelry trend is:  Statement earrings — they've definitely been on my radar lately (and in my online shopping cart!). They're my secret weapon for dressing up a more casual outfit.

The key to pulling it off is:  Wearing your hair up so you can show off your earrings! I've been a fan or tight ponytail s-t hey look super chic (an d r equire zero effort). 

I'd most likely wear this with:  Anything with a square neckline. I'm loving how much or a statement they make when I'm showing off a little coll arb one. 

The most special piece of jewelry I've received is:  My grandma bought me a gold charm bracelet when I was little and would buy me a new charm to go with it on every holiday. I don't wear the bracelet anymore, but  I  will sometimes wear the charms on a simple gold chain to bring back the memories. 

I'll know it's fall when:  I don't roll my eyes at all of the Halloween decorations for sale. Why do they always put them out so early?