Your style, your way. This is the core value with ASAABA. We are a US based online jewelry store. At ASAABA we see our customers as part of a larger family. The name ASAABA is derived from a town in Nigeria where the women perceive elegance as an attitude. Elegance is innate and every piece of our jewelry allows you to unapologetically exude an air of confidence. Our goal at ASAABA is to provide our customers with stylish, quality pieces of jewelry at an affordable cost.

With our curated pieces from different parts of the world we help spark our customers' creativity to help bring out their inner souls.

Your style is your way of showing who you are without speaking.

ASAABA believes in offering you variety; variety is the spice of life. Let's live life to the fullest!

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women through life's challenges; to pursue their dreams and absolutely live their best lives. Our goal is to strengthen their inner greatness with brazen jewelry pieces that are boldly beautiful yet timelessly stylish.

Our Passion

WOC (Women, Orphan and Children) for Hope is a Non-Profit Organization we've partnered with combat food insecurity and provide walking shoes to widows and children. Whether it's placing food on the table by providing breakfast and lunches or giving pairs of shoes to students who walk long distances in the scorching sun barefoot, because they cannot afford a pair of shoes; when you shop with us you impact lives. A percentage of our sales are donated to this worthy cause. At ASAABA you make a difference.